Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Kick my butt with (overhead) lunges

My butt feels like somebody poured concrete in my glutes. Or whacked the hell out of it with a two-by-four. Sore sore. Tenderized. I need one of those foamy-thick cushions that look like a toilet seat for my ass, just to sit here. Last week, I'd been doing a not-too-strenuous 100 feet or so of lunges with a pair of handweights hung down by my side. No no no, that's not the way to do it, Kurt tells me. Raise those hand weights overhead, now do your lunges. Now walk up and down what would be the length of a basketball court a couple times. Yeah, okay. Now see what it feels like to literally get your ass kicked.

Neck (and upper back) takes a royal beating too. Definately a runner-specific exercise.

Where's my Vioxx?

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Anonymous said...

Week 34 is a bust. Got the mid-west flu. That means Steve has a 1 week head start on me. Should I fold my tent up now? No way!! 3:59 baby..