Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Stopped running

I’m stopping running for at least a week. After three days of off and on discomfort in my right heel, I ran 8 yesterday on the treadmill with a mild discomfort early in the run, but it warmed up. Last night at Nick’s baseball practice I ran after two fly balls, and that was the end: I limped off the field. I keep hoping it’s a heel bruise but all the references say plantar facitis. It's acting like PF, sore in the morning, sore in that cushy spot under heel, and sore all around it. I'll go on 7-10 days of heavy ibruprophen, icing. Switch to workouts in the pool, lift 3X this week. I'll reconstruct the last 5 weeks of the schedule before tapering, pushing my next 20 off a week or maybe two. If the foot heals, I can still fit two more 20s in. I doubt I'll be able to run hard for two weeks, except in the pool. I don't know if that's optimistic. I'm reading that it takes considerably longer; hopefully I'm catching it early.

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