Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Into the pool

I read somewhere a running equivalent for aqua-jogging is your in-pool heartbeat plus 13 beats per minute, due to the fact the water keeps you cooler and your heart pumps less blood to your skin. My pool is 80-some degrees, so I'm not sure I can add the beats. Without them, I kept my in-water BPM in the 120 to 150 range, with spikes to 160 during four 2 1/2-minute killer aqua-intervals. I also figured out some abdominal exercises with beats in 130 range. Stayed in the pool for 80 minutes, comparable to an 8 mile run, with easy and interval segments. After rolling out of the pool, I stretched quite a bit and did more core work, which I usually don't do after my runs but seemed to fit nicely into the workout. My body is so tight and inflexible, this cross-training may be what it needs.

On the right-heel: It's sore, stepping out of bed. No change. Will ice all day again, take 1800 mg of ibrurophen.

PF history
In 1996 and 1997, I broke down with PF during the early Boston and mid-summer NY campaigns. Both times I tried to run through it and it took 8-9 weeks before it went away. I'd get a long or mid-distance run in and have to stay off my feet for 2-3 days. That pattern kept repeating. Lots of icing and ibrupropehn and hematuria during runs from the NSAIDs. Speed runs were few and far between, mainly I was trying to stay on my feet to get the mileage in. In my notes, I mention numerous hip and back problems, possibly from altering stride. Most often, the heel warms up and hurts after the run, and for the next day or two.

I ran both marathons. The Boston PF bout cleared up in the fall, well before the April run (4:05). The NY bout, which started in week 12, began to clear three weeks before the race when I began tapering (4:25, IT band and monsoon) and didn't seem to bother me during the run.

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