Monday, March 28, 2005

Wrapup Session #1

The first 6-week session down, four to go. Just like that. We had a kidney stone, illness, shin splints, bought core ball, new shoes, and started this blog. Kurt and I ran our last week 5K time trials at a 8:18 to 8:07 pace, respectively. I averaged 16 miles a week (about right, a 19 and 20 the last couple weeks); and a disappointing 2 weight-workouts per week. That will not get the results needed to sustain harder-faster running later. Ran four 8s, still my favorite distance, in last three weeks, trying to run fewer days a week to accomodate baseball.

Strangely, Kurt, after being off his feet with the stone, has developed shin splints after one week back, which suggests he tried to do to much too soon.

Times talk:
Based on our 5K trial times, Coach Bensen's training model makes these assumptions: My current 9:20p 8-milers are being run at 75-80% effort, which is exactly where we should be for the marathon and very comfortable now. But the time needs to drop to 8:40 MP at that same effort, and be equally comfortable. So I'm a long ways off.

Our 5K time trials -- and these, again, are just markers to see where we are in relation to where we need to be to run under 4 hours -- are way off as well. It says to run a realistic sub-4 at 77-78% effort at a 9:05 MP -- we need to run 8:14 pace for 10K (51:00). However, because we're really shooting for 8:40 MP, to accomodate delays from all the people and water stops, the 5K time should get down to 7:18 pace (22:38) -- or 10K time at 7:34 pace (47:00).

So, after Session One, we're both looking at dropping roughly 1-minute off 5K times and around 40 seconds off comfortable (77-78% effort) MP runs.

Looking ahead to Session #2:
Mileage up--18-20 per week, basing. Starting a hill workout every other week. My goal is still 3X weight workouts per week. 10K time trials at end of each of the 3-week cycles. Introduce 4MP runs at 8:40p. Long is still only 6-8 each week. I may start substituting 880 intervals for a couple of the 5K trials on schedule--there's 4 of them.

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KurtVogel said...

Shoes.. I'm betting that my shoes are my shin problems. I shouldn't feel pain after 3 and 4 mile runs within a 12 mile week. But that's what has happened. Changed shoes last week and I'm in the gym only this week. No running. Shins are feeling great right now. Can't wait to get back on the road next week to test out the new shoes.