Thursday, March 03, 2005

Kurt's stone

Postscript on yesterday's post: The docs decided the stone was too close to the kidney to obliterate it with shock waves. So Kurt opted for them to "go up and get it," a non-medical term for -- oh, forget it -- rather than going home and passing it in his spare time. Forget that! Training is now on hold until, well, until his thing works again without the flaming fire below.

Upside of having a stone: You try your damndest to stay hydrated before, during and after runs. Dehydration of the kidney creates an environment for calcium crystals to form, grow and eventually pass. If you're doing a good job at hydrating, your kidney is flushing the calcium out of your system before stones can crystalize. Obviously, long distance running is constantly using up liquids for cooling, and it's sometimes hard to keep up with, especially on hot or humid days. After passing a stone, however, this idea of hydrating properly has your full attention.